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Company Profile

The company is located in the beautiful taihu lake, is located in wuxi national high-tech development zone, was established in 1984, the total number of employees nearly 300 people. 2009 by science and technology and technology department of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the departments jointly awarded \"process and the equipment engineering technology research center\". Company focused on self-hardening sand molding, V shape, core making, sand regeneration line research and development, design, manufacture and service, has the rich casting machinery production experience and strong technical force, product innovation progress, users all over the country, and exported to Russia and other European countries, as well as Japan, southeast Asian countries.
Company's business
A, self-hardening sand, furan resin sand, ester hardening sodium silicate sand, alkaline phenolic resin sand, the Pep - set resin sand) modelling, core-making standalone and mechanized equipment (sand filling and compaction, draw, paint, drying, the core, box, pouring, cooling and dust removal and automation control) project
Design, manufacture, installation debugging and services;
Second, and the method of "mechanical" and "hot" old sand regeneration of complete sets of equipment (shakeout, conveyor, magnetic separation, ascending, crushing, heating, demoulding, deashing, cooling temperature, dust removal and automation control) engineering design, manufacture, installation debugging and services;
Three, self-hardening sand old sand, chromite sand separation recycling of complete sets of equipment design, manufacture, installation, debugging and services;
Four, V shape of complete sets of equipment design, manufacture, installation, debugging and services;
Company was awarded two provincial high-tech products honor and 89 domestic and international patents, there are 7 kinds of products to fill the domestic blank, replace the imported products
Industrial 4.0 under the two fusion
Two integration is the integration of informatization and industrialization. Through the application of information technology makes the production machinery to digital transformation, through the computer auxiliary to improve production and production capacity. Full penetration in the process of information technology to the manufacturing, also produced a lot of new ideas, such as collaborative office, agile manufacturing, mass customization, etc.
What are the two fusion?
Two combination refers to the electronic information technology is widely applied to industrial production of each link, information become the means of conventional industrial enterprise management. The process of informatization and industrialization are no longer independent, is no longer a single drive, and promote the relationship but both in technology and production
Blend products, management and so on all levels, each other inseparable, and creating industrial electronics, software, new industries such as industrial information services. Two combination is the inevitable outcome of the development to a certain stage of industrialization and information.
On the 16th national congress of the communist party of China, former President jiang zemin has put forward "to drive industrialization by informationization, industrialization promotes informatization" the guiding ideology of the new industrialization path; After five years of development and perfection, in the communist party of China 17th national representatives
Former President hu jintao at the meeting we will continue to improve the development of modern industry system, promote the informatization and industrialization fusion "of the new scientific concept of development, the combination of the concept of form. "Enterprise information, the information of bar code", national "Internet of things the 12th five-year plan" of the.
The combination of four aspects:
Informatization and industrialization in technology, products, business and industry from four aspects to merge. That is to say, two fusion including technology integration, product integration and business integration, industry derived from four aspects.
Technology integration is refers to the industrial technology and the integration of information technology, new technology, promote technological innovation. Auto manufacturing technology and electronic technology, for example, the fusion of automobile electronic technology, industrial and computer control technology integration of industrial control technology.
Product integration is refers to the electronic information technology or product penetration to the products, increase the technological content of products. For example, after the common machine tool and numerical control system becomes a nc machine tools, the traditional home appliance adopts the intelligent technology becomes the intelligent home appliance, ordinary model plane increase control chip after became a remote-controlled aircraft. The added value of the improvement of information technology make the product is greatly increased.
Business integration is refers to the information technology is applied to the enterprise research and development design, production, management, marketing and so on each link, promote enterprise business innovation and management to upgrade. Computer management methods, for example, has changed the traditional manual ledger timely, and have greatly improved the efficiency of management; Information technology applications and improve the degree of production automation, intelligent production efficiency is greatly increased; Network marketing has become a new way of marketing, audience, marketing cost greatly reduced. Industry refers to two fusion can create new industries, and formed some new forms, such as industrial electronics, industrial software and information services. Industrial electronic including machinery and electronics, automotive electronics, Marine electronics, avionics, etc.; Industrial software including industrial design, industrial control software, etc.; Industrial information service including industrial enterprise B2B e-commerce, industrial raw materials or finished goods wholesale trade, industry, enterprise information consulting, etc.
Two fusion outlook
(1) the national policy forced the two fusion, around the supporting measures to speed up the implementation.
(2) industrial informatization infrastructure construction to speed up, two fusion information infrastructure level will be improved obviously.
(3) the preliminary, intelligent industrial applications of intelligent manufacturing will become a hot industry development.
(4) regional combination of two important progress development level evaluation, evaluation to the cities and counties to stretch.
(5) large enterprise information integration applications and collaborative application ability to ascend, two fusion will speed up the evolution of supply chain collaborative applications.
(6) of emerging technology and industrial development constantly fusion, will spring up a batch of new product new application services.
Two fusion - the situation in China
After long-term development and perfection, especially after the party's 16th and 17th congress, two fusion theory gradually mature; Under the guidance of scientific concept of development, the two integration deepening.
The ministry established "advance, multi-dimensional propulsion system, the key breakthrough" overall train of thought, namely, macro, meso and micro [line (industry), surface (area) and point (enterprise)] level 3 methods.
, at the annual meeting of the "2010" open group China national informatization expert advisory committee and gao xinmin, deputy executive director of the China Internet association, said, "two" major progress was made in effect evaluation system, through the evaluation of the effects of seven industries, prove that the two can really promote the competitiveness of the enterprise. Gao xinmin said two overall goal is to establish modern industrial system, not for the informatization and informatization; Gao xinmin experts also do to how to promote the combination of two important explanation: promote the combination of two from three levels, industry, regional layer, business layer three aspects to consider:
Industry level is very important, involving industry industrial clusters, supply chain, standards and services.
Regional layer involves the infrastructure, not only is the foundation of the network and information technology facilities, including industrial infrastructure. In addition, support the market integration service platform are also a lot of work to do.
In the enterprise, this level has three goals, the first goal is enterprises to improve their innovation ability, is not only to develop new products, but through two fusion in technology and business model, resource utilization, establish innovation system on the extended enterprise influence, this ability is to build on the basis of the information. The second is to improve efficiency, reduce the cost. The third is the sustainable, low carbon, green.
Based on the above idea, gao xinmin thought fusion of the key problems to have a good methodology, using the methodology to guide the process of integration, can guarantee constant. That is must establish an architecture, it is not happen overnight, but cycle, become the norm in enterprise development. Promotion department, ministry of information industry, deputy director of the Dong Baoqing in "shaping the enterprise value - 2010 enterprise information peak BBS" on said miit will promote the work of "two combination", around the structure, go way, refinement, scale industry to promote the "two combination". Dong Baoqing said at the meeting, deputy director of the software industry is not only the software sales, software is not sold, the demand of user is satisfied, must shift from a single software sales for subsequent extension of the service. Director-general of the department of the ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry a picture of wood said: the basic condition of realizing the industrialization of the equipment manufacturing industry is, the equipment manufacturing industry to do the main force of "two combination".